How to Draw Silver the Hedgehog


First draw a circle for his head then a smaller circle for his chest. Next draw two more circles for his hands.Go down and draw on his legs and his shoes base. :)


Start off with his face and his chest fur.Then go up and start to draw on his spines and his ear.


Finish drawing his spines and work your way down.Now start drawing his hands and his fingers. :D Don't forget the circle or ring on the palm of his hand.


Draw on his back spine and draw on his leg then the other and work your way back up to his chest fur dont forget his tail.Then start drawing his other arm then his fingers. :)


Now time to draw on his shoes :D Start off with the gold ring on his ankle and work your way down don't forget all the details on his shoes :3


Now that your done add some color if ya like.I hope you liked my second tutorial and can't wait to hear from ya :D

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September 13, 2012

Description: My second tutorial :D YAYYYYYYYY So far everyone loved my first one so Ima make another and this one is how to draw silver :)

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