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How to Draw Shoutmon, Digimon Fusion

Artist: KingTutorial / December 27, 2016
How to Draw Shoutmon, Digimon Fusion

Step 1.

Let's do the guide lines in multiple steps. We'll begin by drawing a football shape for the head. Then let's add a sharp V shape for the horns pointing back and out from the forehead.

Step 2.

Add secondary lines for the horns. Draw a circle for one side of his headphones. Another circle for the shoulder, and a peanut shape for the body.

Step 3.

Draw a peanut shape for each forearm. Then add the upper arm connecting to the body. Next draw the upper legs. The upper leg will stop at the knee for now. The lower leg will be drawn to the ankle.

Step 4.

Add the lower leg and foot to the upper leg, and the remaining foot after that. Draw an eye on the head, and then add a sharp beak on the nose area. Wrap it up by adding some claws to the forearm/hands.

Step 5.

Now we'll begin the actual line art. Let's start by drawing the V of the horns on top of his head. The shape starts right behind the small horn on his beak. From this angle, the V is squished in perspective. The closer horn will appear longer than th   

Step 6.

With a single line, outline the pointy shape of the nose horn and beak. After that large curve, draw a simple zigzag for the rest of the mouth.

Step 7.

The eye is a series of half circles. Draw one for the whole eyeball. Then draw a smaller one for the iris. Add a smaller half-circle off center for the reflection. Then finish it with a smaller shape for the pupil.

Step 8.

This steps requires a little technical drawing. After adding the side of the horn, we need to draw a wheel shape on top of a donut shape for the speaker of his headphones.

Step 9.

Draw the headphone strap wrapping over the top of the head and begin to outline the head itself. We can also add some reflective shadows to the headphones to make them look a bit shiny.

Step 10.

Draw three spikes behind the headphones in place of an ear. Then finish drawing the back of the head.

Step 11.

Outline the lower jaw, and add a small V shape beneath for the neck.

Step 12.

Shoutmon's shoulders are like rounded cubes. Start by drawing a square-like shape. Then draw a cylinder for the rest of the upper arm.

Step 13.

The T shape indicates the corner of the shoulder that's facing us, and it helps to show the cube-like shape of the shoulder overall. Each finger has only two digits. We'll draw them as strong L shapes. This shows tension and gives the sense that he's   

Step 14.

Add a small circle like a screw head to the peanut of the forearm. Then outline the entire shape. Add a hint of a knee to the lower leg and outline that entire shape. Leave an opening at the top, where the leg meets the body. A wrinkle under the chin   

Step 15.

Add a button or screw head to each side of the chest. Connect the two with a line. Then outline the chest and belly shapes. Next we can outline the remaining arm and leg.

Step 16.

Notice how the digits on the fingers overlap each other. Look at your own hand when drawing this.

Step 17.

Add a screw head to each foot. Then separate the foot into two parts. Leave the front of each foot open so we can add toes.

Step 18.

User rounded triangles to draw the toe claws. The overlapping shapes give a sense of depth.

Step 19.

Finally we'll add the large curves of the tail. Note the little spike toward the tip of the tail.

Step 20.

...and here is the finished line art. Drawing this guy is pretty fun. It's a simple design that has a lot of dynamic elements to it. I hope you guys enjoyed following along with this tutorial. Thanks for viewing!

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Artist: KingTutorial
Date Added: December 27, 2016
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Tags: how to draw shoutmon, how to draw digimon fusion
Description: Hey guys. In this tutorial, we're going to tackle this cool design from Digimon Fusion. It's pretty simple, but it's the base for future Digivolutions, so it's a good starting place. Let's get to work!