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how to draw shining armor, my little pony

Artist: charmanderswagg / October 26, 2013
how to draw shining armor, my little pony

Step 1.

okay, step one is simple guidelines. draw a circle for the head, oval for the body, and lines for the tail and eye guidelines.

Step 2.

next step we will draw the front of his mane, his horn and ears.

Step 3.

afterward, we will draw his eyes, the stripes on his horn, and don't forget the stripe in his hair. then you will draw his snout, nostril and mouth :) .

Step 4.

now, draw the back of his mane, and the stripes on it. then draw the front of his neck.

Step 5.

now we'll draw his chest. draw his collar, as well as the cuffs on this hooves. then draw his sash.

Step 6.

now we'll draw his belly, then his legs (notice that their bent backward) and then his backside. don't forget his hooves.

Step 7.

okay, next, we'll draw his other front leg, his belt and then we'll start his tail.

Step 8.

now we finish his tail, and draw the stripes on his tail.

Step 9.

now we have to draw his cutiemark, wich is a shield and three stars. (sorry I drew it so badly, its an old tutorial xD)

Step 10.

finally, because I forgot about this earlier, we'll draw the three buttons (I think) on his chest.

Step 11.

okay, now erase the guidelines, color it maybe, and you're done! sorry its not that good, its an old tutorial, from a while back... well anyway... goodbye...

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DemiWitch · 5 years ago
:omgomg: so cooooooool
Artist: charmanderswagg
Date Added: October 26, 2013
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Tags: draw ponies
Description: this was a request from minun_pokemon from like, months ago... im so sorry I didn't upload it sooner :( anyway, I hope you like it :)