how to draw deoxys (speed form) pokemon

Artist: charmanderswagg / August 3, 2013
how to draw deoxys (speed form) pokemon

Step 1.

first, draw the guidelines. draw a circle for the head, and oval for on the back of the head. next, draw two ovals for it's body, two long lines for it's arms. now your going to draw two ovals for it's hips, and four ovals for it's legs.

Step 2.

now it's time for the actual drawing of deoxys. draw a circle for it's head, and don't forget the back of it's head. next, draw the pointed-type thing on the side of it's face.

Step 3.

now you are going to draw it's eyes, the detail on the back of its head, the line on the middle of it's face, the pointy thing on the other side of it's face, and the marking on the spike on the left side of it's face (which is your right).

Step 4.

now on this step, your going to draw it's slouching or bending body, and it's shoulder.

Step 5.

ok, after you're finished with that, draw it's pointed hips, as well as the two circles on it's chest.

Step 6.

ok now, you're going to draw it's long tentacle arms - not making them and longer or shorter - and start on the legs.

Step 7.

now you're going to finish it's legs, which are slightly pointed.

Step 8.

ok, now we're on our last step. draw the curved lines on it's body, because it's slouching, and draw the detail on its legs, which also have lines on them.

Step 9.

now all you need to do is erase the lines from step one, color if you'd like, and you're done!! I hope you had fun drawing deoxys in it's speed form :D :D ;D

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