How to Draw Shane Dawson

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Start this portrait off by drawing the basic guidelines. It's very important jotting down these lines and circle in order to create accuracies with the face. Take your time and make sure the circles are perfect or semi-perfect.


First, start by drawing the half of his hair. Shane isn't emo, so don't color his hair in all black or dark shades of brown. Start sketching the eyelids while keeping in tune with the guidelines for the eyes. Begin shaping up his nose and mouth. Thes   


Alright, I know he looks immensely creepy in this step by please avoid! Finish off his eyes and add lines that create his face shape. When you draw his lips, pay attention to the shape of them. One mess up can destroy the overall drawing. Believe me,   


As you can see, his face is starting to get familiar with the drawing for the cover of the tutorial. You don't want Shane with his eyebrows shaved off and toothless! Sketch in his bushy brows and finish off his mouth by adding teeth. He has large inc   


Lastly, fill in extra detailing. You'll have to take time when drawing his hair. This part can be a bit difficult because for most people, drawing hair can be time consuming. Add in his shoulders and collar of his shirt. Be weary, always shade spots    


Finally, the finished line art has bestowed upon you! Observe the line work and then look back at your work to see if you have made mistakes. It took me two tries to draw his face right, so there's no perfect person here. Keep practicing and in no ti   

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August 14, 2010

Description: Hello folks and visitors from! Today I have a well requested person that's a Vlogger straight from YouTube. Shane Dawson is growing very popular into the world of famous people. I myself as an avid watcher of Shane, enjoy some of his humor very much. You'll be learning ”how to draw Shane step by step”. My favorite subordinate personality of him is definitely “Sha nay nay”, the ghetto chick who is horrid at makeup and obnoxious. Whenever I watch videos of her/him, I burst out with utter laughter. Anyways, this tutorial was completely built from all your requests. The painting of his face was the most hardest part, let alone sketching his face for the actual tutorial. Shane has met lots of popular people and fellow Vloggers that watch him as well. His humor is definitely one of kind, with awesome vlogging kicked in. He lives in the crowded and wild state of California. You can go to Shane's YouTube account and mail, call, or leave a video response to him. When I make this tutorial into a video for YouTube, I'll definitely add it as a video response on one of his videos. When you draw over the shadows for his face, be sure to use light tones. He has a “Joker” like smile with high definition toned to it. The eyes need lots of attention as well for the real “Shane look”. If you want to draw “Sha nay nay”, just add a large bleach blonde weave, a second eyebrow, and some severely abnormal makeup. Just thinking of that makes me want to watch her! Anyways, I really hope you artists will enjoy this fun filled lesson on ”how to draw Shane Dawson”. Thanks so much for viewing and don’t forget to leave some feedback! Don't be hesitant to share this tutorial with all your friends and fellow artists! Peace.

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