Easy-to-Follow Tutorial: How to Draw Scooby Doo for Beginners


Make the guides to help draw Scooby,


Using the guides go ahead and begin to draw out Scooby's head, ears and snout.


Draw the large shape of the nose, then draw the mouth and jowls.


You can now draw the shapes of his eyes and color in the pupils. Add more of the neck and then draw in the chin whiskers.


Here you can draw Scooby's shoulders and dog collar. You can then draw in the ring for his tags.


Lastly, draw the spots, his tag and under eye detail. Erase all the guides and mistakes.


Here is the line art when you are all done. Now you can add your own background and color Scooby in.

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You're welcome. If you want anything else just let me know. It was a lot of fun.



March 29, 2023

Description: Hey everyone. I am back and with my return I am filling a request for bmxbellagal1996. This individual asked me if I could make a tutorial on how to draw Scooby Doo, step by step so here it is. I do hope this lesson will be helpful. I'm still perfecting the process of making steps for each of the drawings I upload. Anyways, enjoy the tut and remember to like, love, fav, comment and share.

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