How to Draw Pharrell Williams, Pharrell Williams

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Begin by drawing the outline shape of Pharrell's head like so then sketch in the facial guidelines.


Instead of drawing eyes, you will draw in his stylish sunglasses that hides his eyes. You are basically drawing the outlined shape or style of the eyewear.


Next, carefully sketch out the actual structure of his head and face, and when you do that be sure to incorporate the outline of his ear. Also draw the lid line from his hat or ball cap that he is wearing.


Sketch the eyebrows as they peek through the sunglasses, then sketch out the lining for his nose until it's complete. Next, draw the mouth and or lips like so, then sketch in the cheek indent, as well as the detailing inside the ear.


Pharrell's face is basically all drawn in. You will simply draw out the rest of the hat. As you can see the rim or hat lid is fairly wide so draw that in first. You can finish things off by drawing the cap part of the hat, then add the seam lines tha   


For the last drawing step simply sketch out the shape of the neck, then draw in the shoulders, and shirt under his jacket. Add detailing to the clothing after you have erase the mistakes and guidelines.


Here is the finished line art when you are done. Color in the drawing on Pharrell Williams as you listen to Get Lucky.

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June 17, 2013

Description: There is a new catchy song out that people are humming and singing while standing in lines and driving their cars. Today I will show you "how to draw Pharrell Williams", step by step. Pharrell has been involved with a lot of other artists besides Daft Punk. The song 'Get Lucky' has become one of my favorite songs out there today. The beat is fun, and the lyrics hook you in. One of the things that people talk about when they mention Pharrell Williams is how he still looks the same as he did twenty years ago. He is forty years old, but he still looks like he is in his twenties. Anyways, if you like the new Daft Punk song featuring Pharrell Williams, you will enjoy following this lesson. Have fun and stay tuned in.

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