How to Draw Rex

Artist: Dawn / October 14, 2009

Step 1.

Draw three circle shapes starting with the one for Rex's head. Once that is done you can attach that shape to another torso shape and then draw a much larger shape for the back end of Rex's body. Lastly, draw the guidelines for the arm, legs, and tai   

Step 2.

Now you will draw out the actual shape of Rex's head as you see here as well as the shape of his incredible snout. Once that is done you can add the nostril holes and then draw the beginning eye lines too. Next draw the beginning shape of Rex's neck    

Step 3.

Okay. let's finish up Rex's face by drawing the bottom part of his jaw first and then draw in his rounded teeth. You will also finish the eyes and then draw the other side of his neck. Draw the detailing markings on Rex's plastic body and then draw t   

Step 4.

Okay let's start sketching out Rex's small hands and fingers as you see here. You will then draw the first hearty looking leg on the left side of Rex as you see here and make sure that you draw in his toe nails as well. Draw the front line for the be   

Step 5.

Draw more markings on Rex's body and then begin to draw the hind leg as you see it done for you here. Once that is complete you can draw the foot as well as the toes too.

Step 6.

For your last drawing step all you need to do is finish drawing the leg and then draw out the long thick tail. Draw in more markings and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 7.

Here is what your Rex comes out looking like when you completed this lesson on "how to draw Rex from Toy Story step by step". Color him in and that is it!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 14, 2009
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Description: Well I’m sure that most of you now know that Toy Story 3 is on it’s way to theaters next year which means it’s time for me to draw and submit another character from the movie saga. I will show you "how to draw Rex", step by step Rex is as you know the toy dinosaur in Toy Story that has a hard time being a mean beast, and he also has a hard time letting out a real T-Rex raw. He is also one of my favorite characters from the movie because he is a big lump. The voice actor of Rex is the funny Wallace Shawn who is also one of the memorable characters in the movie “The Princess Bride”. Like every other toy in Andy’s room, Rex is scared that Andy will one day get a bigger, scarier dinosaur that has no issues with rejection or the anxiety feeling from an inferiority complex of himself. Another scary individual for Rex is the next door neighbors kid Sid Phillips. He is one sick toy twisting kid that lives blowing up his toys and mutilating them in a horrific way. All in all Rex is a fun loving Tyrannosaurus rex that has a few problems he needs to deal with. I think you guys will enjoy this lesson on “how to draw Rex from Toy Story”. This big green dinosaur will be the perfect addition to your collection on “how to draw Toy Story characters”. Peace out peeps and happy drawing!