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How to Draw Buzz

Artist: Dawn / September 27, 2008
How to Draw Buzz

Step 1.

Okay like always you will start this first step by drawing out the guidelines and shapes for Buzz. Start by drawing a peanut shell shape for his head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw a small dash of a line for the neck and then    

Step 2.

Now you will draw the shape of his neck and then begin drawing out the shapely outlining for his body which includes his arms, legs, and feet. You will also need to include two circles for his eyes and then move onto the next step.

Step 3.

Now as you can see Buzz's body is coming along very nicely. You will now draw the top half of his space suit as well as the underlining of the chest part of the suit. After that you can then start sketching out the lining of his inner right and left    

Step 4.

You will now start at the head once again and draw out the hair lines as well as the shape of his brow. Next detail and define the shape for his chest plate and then draw the detailing lines on his right shoulder. You will then begin drawing out the    

Step 5.

This is the step that starts making Buzz look like, well, Buzz. You will first give him pupils and then a nose and mouth that seems to have a friendly smirk upon it. Then draw out the puzzled shape of his left arm and shoulder as well as detail the f   

Step 6.

This is your last drawing step and what you will do is draw out the eyebrows and then the cliff swirl in his chin. You will then add his three oval buttons and the small round button on the chest to the right. Next detail his hands and then add some    

Step 7.

Well that is it you are done. The only thing that is left is coloring him in as your final step. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story step by step. I will be back tomorrow guys with some more great stuff so unti   

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 27, 2008
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Description: Well like I said this is my last tutorial for the day and I will show you "how to draw Buzz" Lightyear from Toy Story. Buzz is a Space Ranger and he has a genuine innocence to his character in the flick. When he first comes out of his cardboard box he is amazed to find that he is no longer at Star Command. Like any Space Ranger, he starts making a log by recording his experience and where a bouts. The funny thing is, since he has no idea where he is, he thinks Andy’s bed and room are some how foreign so he keeps his space helmet on until he can determine if the air is breathable, but that all changes when Woody makes himself known. Buzz is a character that has one main purpose, get back to Star Command and he is real determined to do so. Buzz doesn’t realize that he is a toy and there is no such thing as Star Command or the evil Emperor Zurg that his toy character is ordered to defeat. Woody gets easily annoyed with Buzz because he is the new attraction to all the other toys and the new sparkle in Andy’s eye. As with Woody Buzz gets the bottom of his foot inscribed with Andy’s name as he takes a real liken to his new found friend. The duo clash heads more than once in this animated childrens movie and because of that it makes the characters funny, off the wall, and over the top. I especially like the whole chapter when Buzz and Woody are stuck at Sid’s house. Woody gets freaked out by the deformed toys and Buzz finds his real identity and loses his mind at the same time when he is caught being Mrs. Nesbit while he enjoys a cup of tea with the rest of Hannah’s headless baby dolls. As you all know Buzz is voiced by the very funny Tim Allen also known as the guy from Home Improvement. This tutorial was fun to do and I know you too will have a blast learning "how to draw Buzz Lightyear" from Toy Story. I will be back tomorrow with some more fun tutorials for all my fellow artist, until then adios amigos.