How to Draw Randall, Monsters Inc

Artist: Dawn / April 24, 2012

Step 1.

To begin drawing Randall all you have to do is start with an egg like shape for his head guide and then sketch in your facial guideline.

Step 2.

Using the circle as your guide, begin sketching out the bottom half of the face's structure. Next, incorporate the large bug like eyes like so. Make sure the eyes pop out of the head.

Step 3.

Focusing on the eyes, draw in both top and bottom lids to make his eyes looks half shut. You will then draw in the iris' and color in some pupils. Next, sketch in the crease lines under each eye like so, then draw in the devious smile.

Step 4.

Finish Randall's head by drawing the three skin based spikes in the center of his head like so. You will then sketch in some skin definition on his snout and bottom lip.

Step 5.

Draw in Randall long skinny neck like so, then start erasing your mistakes so you can add the spots to his body. Since Randall is some sort of reptile, these spots will act as scales. When you're done with that task, draw in the teeth like so. Sketch   

Step 6.

Here is Randall when you are all done. Now you can start the process of coloring him in. I hope you liked this lesson on drawing Randall.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: You will all love to hate him, but the truth is no one can resist the character that has evil and slim written all over his face. Today I wanted to show you guys "how to draw Randall", step by step. You know who Randall is, he is the lizard monster that has the ability to blend into his environment and sometimes almost seem to be invisible. If you remember in Monsters Inc, Randall and Sulley where competing to see who will break the scare record first. Of course everyone put their money on Sulley, but when a mishap happens, Sulley's priorities turn from being the best scare monster, to falling in love with a little girl name Boo. Once he meets the innocent human two year old girl, he tries his best to get Boo home to safety without ending up in Randall's hands. Randall is responsible for Boo being out of her door and into Monster Inc's world. Once Randall's plan fails, Boo is safely returned home and Sulley and Mike are then labeled heroes. Even though Randall is a foul character, I still like how determined and confident he is. His voice actor is Steve Buscemi, and the good news is in the prequel, Buscemi returns as Randall's voice actor. I can't wait until Monster's University comes out in 2013 because it is definitely going to be a blast. Drawing Randall was fun which is why I like to provide other neat lessons that you can follow besides mine. Well that's it for this tutorial description, there is still two more submissions coming your way. Adios people and enjoy!