How to Draw Sulley from Monsters Inc

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Start this first step with some basic guidelines and shapes of Sulley as shown. First draw the shape of his big noggin including the shape of his brow bone on the top of his head shape. Draw two small lines on the face for the facial guidelines. Next   


Next in this step you will begin drawing out his face and other body parts. First start with the fluffy jagged lines for his fur around his head and face where is jaw is suppose to be. Now draw two circles for his eyes and then the shape of his nose.   


You will finish your drawing of Sulley here in this last step. You will first detail the top of his head and draw in his two curled in horns. Next draw his eye lids and pupils. Now you are ready to draw in his finger nails and the rest of his fingers   


This is what your finished drawing of Sulley should look like when you are completely done. All hat is left to do is color him in and add him to your collection. How easy was that? It was as easy as 1.2.3. That will end another fun tutorial on how to   

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July 3, 2008

Description: What I have for you folks now is another fun filled tutorial that involves a character from Monsters Inc. Today you will learn how to draw Sully the blue furry monster with a big bold personality. I know that almost all you have seen Monsters Inc and you know what the movie is about. But for those of you that haven’t seen the movie I will give you a quick description to let you know what you’re missing. First off the movie consists of a world of monsters that live without humans. What these monsters do is generate energy that is collected buy the screams of small children in the human world to power the city of Monstropolis. The screams are taken while the children are asleep. The plant that the assorted monsters work at is called Monsters Inc. It is run by Henry J. Waternoose a multi eyed crab looking monster that has ulterior motives for the production of his plant. One of his prized scaring monsters is James P. Sullivan other wise known as Sulley. He is paired up with his off the wall partner and best friend Mike Wazowski. Mikes job is to train and pump up Sulley because they are competing for the best scare record and they are running against their chameleon-like co-worker Randall who happens to be the other villain in the movie. Now even though Sulley is a big scary looking monster, it is revealed just how kind, sensitive and lovable he is when it comes to rescuing his human friend 2 year old Boo. Boo is an adorable little girl that some how comes through to the other side and takes a strong liking to Sulley. Boo often refers to Sulley as Kitty. The two of them develop a strong relationship where they will forever remain friends. Sulley’s friend Mike is a green round monster that has a humongous eye. He is by far the comic relief of the flick. His voice talent is played by Billy Crystal and you know how funny Billy Crystal is right. There are more then a few parts of the flick that had my stomach hurting from over exhausted laughter. I have to say that it is hard to pick out the funniest part of the movie because there are so many to choose from. Eventually Sulley and Mike return Boo back to her door so she can go back home. The bad guys are caught and amazingly Monsters Inc. don’t have to scare small innocent children anymore because they discovered a more lucrative energy force, the laughter of children. Now with Mr. Waternoose gone Sulley and Mike are in charge of Monsters Inc. and all the monsters train to make kids laugh instead of scream. This was a very touching, loving, and hysterically funny movie that I’ve enjoyed many, many time. I am excited to show you all how to draw Sulley from Monster Inc. step by step. The instructions are always informative and easy to read. Have fun.

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