How to Draw Pixel Donkey Kong

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Let us first begin by drawing the top part of Donkey Kong's head like so. Notice the lining is angled and blocky. When you are done color it in.


Next, draw three large plus signs for the mouth and color them in, then draw a small square on each side of the mouth like you see here.


Draw the outer parts of the face shape like so. I wouldn't worry about the inside just draw the outline of his face. You can color it in when the outline is finished.


Add two black pupils and you are ready to erase your mistakes.


Here is the pixel version of Donkey Kong when you are all done. Now you can add color to bring DK to life.

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June 27, 2015

Description: Here is another character that you will be seeing in the new Pixels movie from an old game we know as Donkey Kong. Here is how to draw Pixel Donkey Kong, step by step. Before Donkey Kong was the vivid character we know him as now, he used to be just a pixel looking ape that was more red in color than brown. Of course this is going to be a simple lesson to tackle and I'm sure that some of you will enjoy it. For me it was a real treat because I have always been a fan of the Donkey Kong game series and because of this I had a lot of fun turning him into the original pixel version that started his career. The movie 'Pixels' is set to be in theaters this Summer so if you haven't watched the trailer for it yet, do so because it looks really good. Enjoy drawing pixel Donkey Kong from Pixels folks and I will ready my next submission as you do.

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