How to Draw Pixel Centipede from Pixels


Draw a circle for the head, then the facial guidelines and then the body guideline.


Next, define the shape of Centipede's head like so and then draw in the two pointed horns.


We will now use the facial guidelines to draw out the eyes and face. The eye arches should be thick and defined like you see here.


We will now draw in the bottom jaw, then proceed to step five.


Add two mandible like horns on the sides of the face or head like so. When that is done you can fill the mouth with teeth and gums.


Begin working on the centipede's body which are made up of circle shapes in sections. For this step draw two and then draw the legs.


Draw in another two sections of the body along with another set of legs.


Again, draw two more circle shapes for the centipede's body and then draw two legs but this time they are on the same side.


And lastly, draw the remaining parts of the centipede's body. As you can see the sections get smaller and smaller the further back you go. Draw in the legs and then you can erase your mistakes and guides.


Here is how the line art looks when you are all done. All that needs to be added next is some color to bring this early eighties game character to life.

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pixels donkey kong two centipede space ship



June 27, 2015

Description: As I was browsing through my day to day movie news I came across an article that said there is going to be a new movie released based on all the old eighties games from arcades. The film is called 'Pixels' and it stars one of my favorite people Adam Sandler. Today I will be giving you some lessons on popular game characters that where known everywhere throughout arcades across the globe back in the eighties. I will start with this one on how to draw Pixel Centipede, step by step. The character is from the once popular Atari game called Centipede and the whole concept was to have your character shoot at a centipede that starts at the top of the screen and worms its way down towards the character. If it makes it you die and if you destroy it you advance. I haven't personally played this Atari classic, but both my parents have because they grew up in the eighties and had all access to the cool arcade games they used to have back then. Drawing this pixel centipede is going to be fun and a bit challenging but I know you will be successful with the end results. Have fun and stay tuned in.

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