How to Draw Pikachu Pony, Pokemon


Let's begin by making two shapes, one for the head, and the other for the back end. You will then connect the two shapes with a neck line like so.


You will now draw the side of the Pony's face starting with the ear. Once that is done you can begin sketching out the side profile of the face which is also displaying the pointed portions of the mane.


All you will do here is draw out the rest of Pikachu pony's mane. Notice how the mane is very sharp, and pointed. Add some strand detailing like so, then add another pony ear.


Okay, you will now draw a large eye and color in the pupil. Make sure that the lining is nice and thick. Add some lashes and then the nose as well as the mouth line in the form of a cute smile.


Now that the head and face is drawn, we can begin tackling the body. Start by making the neck, and then the lining should flow to form the chest. Draw in the first two legs which are very My Little Pony like.


You are ready to draw the back end of Pikachu pony. Do this by drawing the back first, then the rounded behind. Make the back legs as well as the stomach before you leave this step.


And finally, draw out the large lightning strike style tail like so, as well as some more the mane. You will also need to add the lightning bolt on the hip of this pony design as well. Add some strand detailing to the tail, then begin cleaning up you   


You are now ready to start the coloring process to turn this pony into Pikachu Pony. Don't forget to color in the red cheeks when you start adding color to your drawing. Great work guys, I knew you could do it!

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April 3, 2012

Description: I'm back once again and with my return I brought with me a lesson on a very adorable little pony that I drew the other day during a Livestream session. The tutorial is called "how to draw Pikachu pony", step by step. As you folks know by now, I like to draw pony figures in the form of either people I associate with like my Dragoart buddies, as well as ponies based on characters that we know and love. Pikachu pony came out better than I expected and the only reason why I chose to turn the drawing I did for fun into a lesson, is because so many people loved how it came out. So now I present to you a really cute version of one of the most popular Pokemon characters tuned into a pony. The yellow coloring and red cheek marks almost makes this horse too adorable to stop looking at. I also love how the tail seems to fit this pony so well. Anyways, have fun with drawing your very own Pikachu pony, and I will prepare the next lesson I have in store for all of you. Peace out and like always, enjoy!

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