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How to Draw Katniss Everdeen MLP style

Artist: pumpkinc18 / March 10, 2012
How to Draw Katniss Everdeen MLP style

Step 1.

First lets start by draqwing the base of the body and bag

Step 2.

now lets start with the head,Katniss will have more of a flat nose,and wit her mouth make sure theres an opening thats where the teeth will go and also draw the ear it should be tilted alittle

Step 3.

and now we draw the teeth and bangs

Step 4.

now we start with the eyes and bangs.For the eyes it will be flat at the top.This is will make her look like shes about to shoot her arrow at cato or maybe a Mutt.After your done with that we draw her long braid.dont forget to make it shorter at the    

Step 5.

and now we start to sketch the body and the arms make sure not to make the body to big!

Step 6.

now we start sketching out the bag.start drawing the staps and the top

Step 7.

now we finish the bad and put the signauture district 12 on the bag.Also were gona start making the bow so make a long circular line as shown^^^

Step 8.

now we finish the bow and put the bow string. and now your done:)

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Artist: pumpkinc18
Date Added: March 10, 2012
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Tags: how to draw ponies, draw the hungergames
Description: okay hey everyone this is going to be my first tutroial and its going to be on Katniss Everdeen mlp fim style.I was on deviant art the other day when i drew my art picture of this.But i thought it would be reallly fun to do a tutorial for yall.So i hope you like it and id love to hear any request you may have!:)