How to Draw Toad Easy

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Let's just start by drawing out the face shape of Toad using thick lines. Make a rounded cup like shape for the face, and add the horizontal line for the lid of the mushroom cap in a slightly curved manner.


Draw and color in the eyes, then make the very friendly smile upon his face. Don't forget to draw in his tongue too.


You will now draw the great big shape of the mushroom cap like so, and like the face use thick bold lining.


Add three big spots to decorate the cap with, then clean up the drawing freeing it from any mistakes.


Here is what Toad should come out looking like when you are all done. Now you can go ahead and color him in. See how fun and easy that was!

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April 3, 2012

Description: Here is another easy lesson coming your way in the form of a Mario Bros. figure that is also a playable character in some of the Mario games. Here is "how to draw Toad easy", step by step. To be honest, I kind of feel ridiculous making this lesson because Toad is already a very easy character to draw. All you will be doing is making a huge mushroom shaped head, followed by a small round face. The eyes and mouth are also very easy to replicate. I predict that this lesson will only take you about five minutes to follow and complete. For those of you that are experienced artists, it will probably take you less time than that. All I can say in this description is, even though Toad is an easy character to draw from the Mario game, he is very fun to recreate. Have a blast with drawing Toad easy guys. I have some more lessons shooting your way so try and stay tuned in or come back around later. Peace people!

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