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How to draw peregrine falcons

Artist: Lynxfangisawesome / September 7, 2013
How to draw peregrine falcons

Step 1.

Sketch out the drawing first, It helps.

Step 2.

First, you need to know what a peregrine falcon looks like. Look at the wings. You will be drawing a picture like this. It will turn out better than mine because I did this on the computer.

Step 3.

Draw the head and please put in the circle. You will need it to make the head of this handsome bird!

Step 4.

Now, draw the body using correct lines shown in this drawing.

Step 5.

Draw the wings and put in the eye. See how the eye looks different from other animal's eyes? Make sure to draw the eyes correctly or your drawing WILL get messed up, and it will not look like a bird. Put orange around the top of his eye like shown.Al   

Step 6.

Make more of the box hearts on both wings. Grey is used to show the color of the wing. Put black on the front part of the beak and divide it in sections like shown.

Step 7.

Color your falcon in and you are done! Was it easy or hard? Please comment on how you liked it!! :)

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Artist: Lynxfangisawesome
Date Added: September 7, 2013
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Description: This is how you can draw this falcon. They can dive up to 200 miles per hour! I love to do birds and sloths, and I hope to upload a Turkey Vulcher soon! Hope you like this tutorial!