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How to draw a cat

Artist: Lynxfangisawesome / September 7, 2013
How to draw a cat

Step 1.

Make the hair, wich looks like a moehawk. :) You don't need any circles to define your drawing.

Step 2.

Make the head, ears, and muzzle outline. Make sure you are NOT drawing lightly!

Step 3.

Draw the chest and back, you can use circles, too, but I prefer free draw!

Step 4.

Make the muscle in the legs and stomach fur.

Step 5.

Draw in the tail, it can be furry!

Step 6.

Color the drawing and DONE.

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Artist: Lynxfangisawesome
Date Added: September 7, 2013
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Description: This is how you draw a cat. You can color it if you want, but I don't care. Cats are domestic animals that are cousins of big cats; lions, leapords, Lynxes, ect.