How to Draw Patrick Dempsey, Derek Shepherd, Greys Anatomy

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Start with a circle for the head guide, then sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will then begin sketching out the structure or shape of Patrick's face. Notice how his jaw line is angled or chiseled. Add the hairline as well, then proceed to step three.


One of the more noticeable things about Patrick Dempsey's look is his awesome hair. You will need to sketch out his hairstyle like so and be sure to add that texture definition to his hair too. Sketch out the shapes of his ears, then draw in the ear    


For step four, you will tackle the task of sketching out the eyebrows, then draw in the shapes of his eyes. Draw the crease on the eyelid, then sketch out the indent to the top part of his nose.


Sketching noses can be difficult that is why I just wanted to make things as simple as possible. All you have to do is draw in the nose, mouth or lip line, then sketch in chin detailing as well as the frown lining around the corners of the mouth. Lig   


It's finally time to finish things up. All you have to do is sketch out the shape of his neck, then draw in the shirt collar, as well as the shoulders. Add detailing to the clothing, then add detailing to his neck. If you made mistakes you can clean    


Here is what your drawing of Patrick Dempsey looks like when you are done. Color him in or leave the drawing as a sketch.

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May 5, 2013

Description: So I was looking through the 'famous faces' section on Dragoart and I couldn't believe that I never made a lesson on "how to draw Patrick Dempsey<>/strong>" from Grey's Anatomy. He at one time was a teen star back in the eighties, and slowly but surely he came back better, and cutier than before. Even with his good looks, you would never think that Patrick is nearly fifty years old. As of today he is forty seven. In Grey's Anatomy he plays the role of a neurosurgeon named 'Derek Shepherd'. This huge television and film star was born in little ol' Lewiston, Maine but grew up in Buckfield Maine. When Dempsey was twenty one, he landed a lead role costarring next to Beverly D'Angelo (Clark's wife from National Lampoon's Vacation with Chevy Chase) called 'In the Mood. After that he was in 'Can't Buy Me Love, Some Girls, Loverboy, and Happy Together'. Anyways, he resurfaced in a way to get recognized when he played Resse Witherspoon's fiance in 'Sweet Home Alabama'. After that, the rest is history. I'm glad that he came back from the dead, and I'm also glad I finally made a tut on drawing Patrick Dempsey. I will return in a bit with more for you all to enjoy so stay tuned in. Adios people!

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