How to Draw a Vampire Eye, Vampire Eyes

Artist: Dawn / June 19, 2017

Step 1.

Begin with two lines, one vertical and one horizontal.

Step 2.

Using the guides draw out the actual shape of the eye making sure that the top lid line thickens and widens as you draw outward. Make the thick lash and move along.

Step 3.

Begin sketching out the bottom lid and then add the bottom lashes like so. You will also need to sketch in the actual lining for the sclera which is the white of the eye.

Step 4.

Sketch in the crease lining that forms the top lid like so, and then take your time as you sketch in the top eyelashes.

Step 5.

Lastly, draw out the iris, and then color in a pupil. You can get real creative and draw out a unique shape for the pupil like a cross or even a slit style pupil. Clean up your drawing because this is the last step which means you have to prepare the   

Step 6.

The end results are awesome as you can see here. Now all you have to do is color in your work, or even make two eyes and draw a vampire face to go along with the vampire eyes.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 19, 2017
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Description: I might as well go all out and submit a lesson on "how to draw a vampire eye", step by step since there is lessons on a vampire mouth and a vampire bite. You now have all the ingredients to draw an actual vampire face if you wanted just by using the tutorials I have submitted over the past week. The eye was a nice touch because everyone knows that vampire eyes are one of the most attractive or mysterious things about these creatures of the night. When you see a vampire on your television screen you are automatically drawn in to their eyes. I for one love how vampires manage to keep some form of beauty even though they kill humans or animals for food. If you all remember ‘Interview with the Vampire’ by Anne Rice there was also a character that lived off the blood of animals just like Edward Cullen does now and his name is Louie. Anyways, the eye is going to be like drawing any other eye you have drawn before. The only difference with this eye is the way you will be coloring and shading the detailing in. I hope you have fun and be sure to let me know how you liked drawing a vampire eye by rating, commenting, and faving. Peace people and enjoy!