How to Draw a Jet

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Just like all the transportation vehicle's I submit here, you will be drawing the guidelines of the F16 fighting falcon jet. First what you want to do is draw a total of four horizontal lines with the longest line being the tip of the aircraft. After   


Now here in step 2 you will be drawing the other parts of the F16 fighting falcon jet like the cockpit window and the other parts of the wings and fins. This is a real simple tutorial to complete because all you have to do is draw out a bunch of stra   


This is the last step before you have to color in your F16 fighting falcon jet. What you are going to do here is detail and define parts of the jets body. What you what to do is make sure your lines are nice and straight. Then what you are going to d   


Here is what your finished F16 fighting falcon jet should look like when you are completely done drawing it out. All that you need to do now is color it in and give it some character. That was fun huh. I hope you learned something new today and like    

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March 4, 2008

Description: Okay, this is my version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. This American jet fighter was designed and developed by the General Dynamics Company (which later sold its aircraft manufacturing business to Lockheed Martin in 1993) for the United States Air Force on August 17, 1978. This fighter jet is being used in 24 other countries as a multi role aircraft. The jet was specially designed to be lightweight so that it can maneuver easily threw the air. Since its production back in 1976, over 4,000 F16 fighter jets have been created. This particular model is no longer being produced for the U.S air force; instead it is being produced and sold for export. The F16 fighting falcon has incredible innovations that make this a lean, mean, air fighting machine. It has a frameless canopy which provides greater visibility for fighter pilots, side mounted control stick for easy handling under high g-forces, and out of all things it has a comfy relining seat to benefit the pilot of course. We know this aircraft to be an F16 fighting falcon, but to its pilots they call it the “Viper” naming it after the Battlestar Galactica Starfighter. The cost per unit of one of these jets go for a cool 14.6 million us dollars, and that is just for the F16A/B versions, now for the F16C/D versions the cost is a bit more, somewhere in the ballpark of 18.8 million us dollars, WOW that is incredible. Just one of these jets can pay for a new school in half the states in the United States, now that is insane. Did you know? The U.S has one of the largest funded military out of all the countries around the world. What this means is, while other countries spend millions on their military we in the US spend billions. Now that is something to talk about huh. I’m not going to get on a political level here because I just won’t shut up. But what I would like to say is, this jet is an impressive machine for anyone to admire. They are at times seen in air shows flying with the blue angles. This tutorial will show you how to draw an F16 fighting falcon jet step by step. The instructions are super simple like always and you too will soon be drawing your very own aircraft.

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