How to Draw a Fighter Jet

Artist: Dawn / November 21, 2008

Step 1.

In this first step you will draw out the beginning guidelines to form a frame for the fighter jet. Start with a long slightly slanted horizontal line in the middle and then draw out the shape of the wings and then the outline of the body.

Step 2.

In this step you will close off the front of the jet and then make sure that it has a needle point tip. You will then complete the lining of the upper wing and then begin drawing out the vertical stabilizer fin. Once that is done you will then draw o   

Step 3.

Once the second step is complete you will start working out the lining on the cockpit window and then draw out the other vertical stabilizer fin. Sketch in the detailing shapes on the wing spares and then add some simple lines in the front of the coc   

Step 4.

Welcome to your last drawing step. Here you will color and shade in the two small rectangular shapes on the wings and then detail the cockpit window. Detail the vertical stabilizer fins and draw a circle with a star in the middle. Erase all the guide   

Step 5.

This is what your drawing should like when you are done. All that is left to do now is color in the aircraft. You have just finished this tutorial on how to draw a fighter jet step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 21, 2008
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Description: Hello all you visitors and DragoArt members guess what today is? That is right, it’s Friday and with this day comes "TWILIGHT"! And of course sleeping late, no homework for two days as well as no school. Now I don’t know if anybody realized this but I am a big time movie buff and because of that I like to make tutorials that are sometimes inspired by movies that I like to watch and become fond of. With this next tutorial I figured I would do something for all you boys out there that would enjoy learning how to a fighter jet step by step. You can learn how to draw any kind of jet out there; I chose to do a drawing lesson on the enemy fighter jet that was in the movie “Top Gun”. The jet that they used was called a MiG-28 which in all reality is a fictional aircraft. The movie led people to believe that the MiG-28 was a real type of fighter jet for a long while until folks starting reading that the plane was in fact a fib. I mean don’t get me wrong the jet was real in the movie; it was just not a MiG-28. The plane is still unidentifiable but some believe that it is Korean made because of the body style and make. Fighter jets are something that most small boys dream about flying one day. Sometimes parents may take their kids to different types of air shows that come to town once a year. I can still remember the time I went to my first and only air show which was back in 2000. It was so cool and scary at the same which is why I will never go to another one again. I mean these types of shows are great for boys and men because they really get into watching those fast flying aircrafts and because they admire the make and build of jets. This tutorial will show you how to draw a fighter jet step by step with simple to read instructions and easy to follow steps. I hope you dudes out there will have a blast with this fuel filled, action packed drawing lesson. I will be back in a bit so stay tuned.