How to Draw Nemo from Finding Dory


Just make the shape for the head then sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will now draw the entire outline of Nemo's face and body like so. Use the shape you made in step one. The end of the tail should be in a wavy lining and make the crease for where Nemo's eye will be.


Okay guys, here you will draw in all of Nemo's fins. They should be soft and flowing looking. Start with his dorsal fin, then draw the pectoral fins. Remember to keep the fin to the right small as this is Nemo's deformity.


Color in the edges of Nemo's fins, then draw in the rib lines to each fin like you see here. His little baby fin only has a couple lines.


Clown Fish has stripes that flow down the head and sides of the body. You will draw in the shapes of these stripes like so which will be colored in later.


Use the facial guidelines to draw in the circle shaped eyes, then draw in Nemo's happy smile. Don't forget the brow.


Lastly, draw and color in the lids on the eyes. Then color in the pupils. Finish Nemo's face by drawing the teeth and tongue. Erase your mistakes and guidelines to complete the task at hand.


Here is little Nemo when you are all done. He is ready to color in using the bright orange hues and white tones.

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December 26, 2014

Description: Look at that adorable face you see before you now. Of course I had to make lessons on some other characters that will be in 'Finding Dory' so here is the first. Up next we will learn how to draw Nemo from Finding Dory, step by step. I do have a tutorial on Nemo already but it was made a long time ago and I'm sure that he isn't as bright or detailed as the one you see in front of you now. Nemo is a clown fish and I tried to draw him the exact same way you will see him in the film. I do hope you enjoy this tut, I will be back with other lessons for you all to enjoy!

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