How to Draw Naruto and Hinata

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2014

Step 1.

The first thing we need to do is make the guides for their heads then include the facial guidelines.

Step 2.

We will start with Hinata's face first. Sketch out the lining of her nose, then draw the side profile view of the lips, chin, and jawline like so.

Step 3.

Now you can draw in her long bangs which are straight lined but separated strands like you see here. Sketch in the shape of her ear, then add some detailing inside.

Step 4.

Draw her closed eye then add the lashes.

Step 5.

We can now draw the rest of the head shape which also happens to be her long straight hair as well.

Step 6.

Here you will make the lining of her neck, then draw the shirt collar, torso and some of her sleeve.

Step 7.

We will now focus on Naruto. Draw the bandanna, the lining of his forehead, the shape of his ear and some of the jaw lining.

Step 8.

You can draw Naruto's closed eye, eyebrow, side-burn, whisker marks then add detailing inside the ear.

Step 9.

Sketch out the rest of Naruto's face structure by sketching in his chin, jaw structure, front and back lining for the neck, then add more hair and finish the bandanna.

Step 10.

Add the plate on the bandanna like so and then detail it.

Step 11.

Draw Naruto's spiked hairstyle, then add the tail to the bandanna.

Step 12.

Are you ready to proceed on to completion? Good, in order to finish you have to complete a few more steps including this one on drawing the sweater collar and back line to form the torso shape.

Step 13.

Finish drawing the torso, then add detailing to his shoulder. Add the mark on his back too.

Step 14.

You will finish everything up by drawing his jacket sleeve, and raised hand which is on Hinata's face. Erase your mistakes and you are done.

Step 15.

The line art should look like the drawing you see here. Now all you have to do is bring life to this drawing by coloring in Hinata and Naruto.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Here is another lesson for all you Naruto fans out there that have been waiting for a love scene lesson on a couple. I took the suggestion of a request and went ahead to make this tutorial on "how to draw Naruto and Hinata", step by step. As you can see the two are a couple as they embrace each other and kiss. I love how this drawing came out, but I don't know if any of you will like it because Naruto is such an old series. Nonetheless the lesson will be fun for those of you who are still avid Naruto followers. Enjoy, and let me know what you all thought about drawing Naruto and Hinata.