How to Draw a Derpy Pug

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2014

Step 1.

Here in this first step all you have to do is make a big puffy shape for the pug's head and or face. Notice the dimpled in front.

Step 2.

Make the slanted shapes for the eyes, then draw the small pug ears. When that is done add some marks under the eyes too.

Step 3.

Make the indents for the brows, then color in some pupils. Draw and color in a nose, then draw a frown for the mouth and add some whisker holes.

Step 4.

Make some bumps under the face shape, then draw out the plump shaped body outline.

Step 5.

For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the front legs, front paws and back paws. Erase the mistakes and you are done.

Step 6.

Here is the line art for the derpy style pug. Color it in and you are done.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 24, 2014
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Tags: how to draw dogs, how to draw pugs
Description: Well, after this lesson I will be uploading a series of hearts based on animals and characters. But first, I must upload this tutorial on "how to draw a Derpy Pug", step by step. I don't know how to tell you what derpy means without sounding rude or ignorant. I'm sure that you know what derpy means so I will leave this description alone so you can begin drawing a derpy Pug. I will be back, so stick around to see what's next.