How to Draw Misty

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Start off with a circle for her head and then draw the facial guidelines. Now draw the lining for the neck, shoulders, waist, and stick legs.


Now sketch out the bottom of the face which would be the chin. Next, draw the mouth, and some of the eye shapes.


Finish drawing out the face shape, and then begin drawing her messy, spiky looking hairstyle, is also done up in a side-ponytail. Lastly, draw out the ear.


To add some shape to Misty's body, you will first need to draw out the shape of her neck. Next sketch out the torso, which includes the arms, torso, and straps. Once that is done you can draw the tee-shirt, and her hand that is resting on the back of   


Finish drawing out her eyes, and then draw the shorts in more detail, and then add the cuff folds, the belts, and some of her thighs.


You can now draw out her legs, and sneakers. See how her shoes are detailed with the stitch lines? Well, be sure you do draw that too, and her laces. Erase the shapes and lining that you drew in step one.


Now you have finished this tutorial on "how to draw Misty, step by step. Now that's three trainers in the Pokemon category.

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April 16, 2010

Description: Hi guys! I'm back today with some more awesome fun that has everything to do with drawing, and learning. Today I will start by filling another request. Pokemon for some reason is a very popular series that I have been getting a bunch of requests from. I want to fill these as soon as possible because I know Pokemon is a top show. Okay, Pokemon species can be obtained right? Well if you catch one, what now? I'll tell you what now, you have to get a trainer to teach them how to be real fighters, train them to behave, and teach them to be the best they can be. I have a lesson on Ash, but I never drew out a tutorial on “how to draw Misty”. As you Pokemon lovers know, Misty is a water-type trainer. She used to be a gymnast before she met Ash. Although this is a popular character of the series and manga, sometimes Misty would go from being one of the main characters, to just a face that you see once and a while. Did you know that Misty gave Ash a free badge? This is true, one of those badges that Ash has in his possession, was given to him for free by Misty. Brock also gave Ash a free badge too. Anyway, she is also known for having such well behaved Pokemon. She insists that this is due to the reflection of her aspiration. I like Misty's character in the anime series, and I know most of you fans do too. I think you'll enjoy this tutorial on “how to draw Misty”. As you can see, she really isn't that hard to draw. Adios people, be back later.

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