How to Draw Gardevoir

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Gardevoir is going to be an easy Pokemon to draw. To start, just draw a circle for the head, and then one long curved line for the body, and two more single lines for the arms.


Since the face is covered with hair. you will draw the three strips that make up the bangs that covers most of the face. Continue to draw the hair until the ends rest on the shoulders like you see here.


Draw the shape of the face, and then draw a big eye shape and pupil. Next sketch out the flat looking leaf like arms, and then draw the torso and two horns. Once horn is on the chest, the other is on the back.


To finish off your Pokemon, just draw out the gown like body form, and make sure that there is folds in the gown to look like there is a wavy pattern to the shape going on. Erase whatever lines and shapes that are visible to clean up your drawing.


You have reached the end, and this is how Gardevoir looks when you are done. Color it in and that's it. Wasn't that one easy Pokemon to draw? Good job, and make sure you join me again.

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April 13, 2010

Description: As with the first Pokemon I submitted today, I will be filling another request right now on another species that is elegant, and graceful looking. This lesson is going to show all you Pokemon lovers out there, “how to draw Gardevoir", step by step. Even though this species comes in both male and female versions, it's hard to imagine a male version of Gardevoir because of the fact that they look so feminine. It's an evolution of Kirlia, and it falls amongst the psychic type. The design of this Pokemon makes Gardevoir very distinctive looking. Their bodies are formed to look like they are wearing clothing but they are not. The shape of their gown, and the style of their long curls make these Pokemon very pretty and elegant looking. Under the gown, this species have long, white, slender legs. The arms are green and there is a red horn on the chest and back of Gardevoir too. These Pokemon have subtle abilities, like seeing into the future, sense the feelings of individuals, and they also have a psychokinetic power too, that can create small black holes. If there is a handful of species out there that is beautiful, I think this one is among the list. If you want to "draw Gardevoir", just follow the steps, and read the directions, and you will be on your way. That's it for this tutorial description. I will be back soon with more drawing fun. Adios people!

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