How to Draw Cyndaquil

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This Pokemon is going to be one of the easier ones to draw. Start with a round shape for the head, and then draw a cone shape attached to the head. This will be the snout. Next, draw an oval shape for the body and then a large outline that sort of lo   


You will now fuse the two shapes together to form the head and nose like you see here. Draw the slightly arched eye line, and then draw the belly and thigh.


Draw the marking line on the face, and then add a dot for a nose. Sketch out shape of the back and as you can see, there is some spikes that are formed. Draw the rest of the legs, feet, and arms.


To finish off this character all you have to do is draw the sharp looking shards n this Pokemon's back. It supposed to be a symbol of fire, but to me it looks like rock crystals. Once this is complete you can begin erasing the lines and shapes you dr   


Wow, look how neat this Pokemon came out looking. All you have to do now is color it in. This was good fun as we learned how to draw Cyndaquil, a very popular species from the very popular show, Pokemon. Great work guys!

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April 25, 2010

Description: Another Pokemon species for the books, and before I go any further with this lesson, I want to say “nice work xXMedicGirlXx” on those Pokemon you submitted. You actually beat me to the punch with the lesson on Totodile, I have that tutorial still in edit mode in my profile. Anyway, this lesson is going to be on "how to draw Cyndaquil", step by step. This is a species that looks like some sort of mouse mixed with a mole, and anteater. It is a fire type Pokemon, and it's a very interesting species. I love the dull colors because they suit the character design so well. The top part of it's body is a bluish kind of shade, and the undercarriage is like a milky tan to yellow color. There is a spiked eruption on this Pokemon's back, that is supposed to be a display of it's fire ability. This species uses it's abilities by the fire on it's back, and when Cyndaquil gets more agitated and angry, it becomes more powerful, and dangerous. Just as their appearance seems, Cyndaquils are usually shy and timid Pokemon, and they also have to learn what their strengths and weaknesses are too. I have been a fan of this species in the past, and I'm very happy that this request came through. It was fun drawing it out, and I'm sure all you other Pokemon lovers will like learning "how to draw Cyndaquil", step by step too. Okay, I think I will call it a night because I am tired and I want to go to bed. I will be back on tomorrow to submit the rest of the lessons so come back and join me for more drawing fun. Peace out to everyone, and keep drawing with your heart.

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