How to Draw Miley

Artist: rickyart / August 31, 2013

Step 1.

Begin by creating a rough and basic outline of the face.

Step 2.

Continue to add the basic features of the face, remember, keep it loose.

Step 3.

erase the guidelines to make a rough but clean face.

Step 4.

Get ready to start adding detail to the outline, remake it by drawing over it and add key details of the face like, eyelids, lips and ears, along with hair, take your time, this is one of the most important steps since it will guide you through the    

Step 5.

Start adding the basic tones of the face, don't worry if it looks too sharp, you will end up smoothing it up.

Step 6.

start adding shadows in the eye

Step 7.

Start smoothing up the tones and remember not to worry about the the outline, going over it or anything alike, just keep it nice and clean.

Step 8.

blend in the neck along with the face.

Step 9.

Add the eyes, make a good contrast between the colors of each part of the eye

Step 10.

add the eye lashes with one simple tone, black.

Step 11.

keep on adding features that distinguish the face

Step 12.

for this step you will add the lips with a nice contrast that will create the feeling of it being 3D and make it look like a photo

Step 13.

add another key feature, the ears.

Step 14.

for this step you will put a hard tone, black, all over that are of Miley's hair, which will be later identified as the base color of her two toned hair.

Step 15.

make sure to smooth up a bit the area that connects the hair to the face, don't wanna make her look like plastic, do you?

Step 16.

this step is simple, add a one tone background, you can make it any color but i suggest making it a dark grey to create a good contrast with the white hair of Miley, also, it looks classy ;)

Step 17.

Okay, now it will start to look pretty, add the basic second tone of white into her hair.

Step 18.

blend in as much as you can of the hair on this step.

Step 19.

in this step you will make Miley demonstrate her state of fashion, add those little ear pieces.

Step 20.

in this simple step, add some tones going from dark to medium grey to create more contrast.

Step 21.

Add a nice texture in her face, this can be comlicated but be patient we are almost there.

Step 22.

We are finally here, add any detail you see important, i personally go over everything and check that everything looks like it should, add more light if needed. I hope this tutorial helped you, even if you couldn't finish it or it was too hard, remem   

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Artist: rickyart
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