How to Draw Vic Fuentes from Pierce the Veil


Lets start by creating a simple outline, remember to make this loose since we are going to make a HD outline over this one since it will be our legit guide!


Then, let's work on our facial features. The eyes should be drawn first then the nostrils. Take your time and make sure they are in proportion with the guidelines.


Next, we'll work on the wrinkling around the eyes and the beginning gaping mouth. Make sure it is in horizontal harmony with the middle of the nose and eyes.


Next, draw the wrinkling around the mouth and the detailing for the teeth and tongue. Make sure you are using line values for the individual details of the definition lines.


Let's add the pupils and eyebrows. Make sure that the brows have some kind of jagged lines to emphasize the shape in a simple manner. Don't forget extra detailing around the jaw, and the hairline.


Lastly, draw the hair using varied line weights within the shape of the hairstyle.


take your time to create this outline since it will be your guide throughout the shading of the whole drawing.


Apply the basic tones to his face and neck, keep it loose!


for this step is important that you smooth out the basic tones in the face and neck at the highest quality possible!


Now we get to the fun part! for this step draw every little detail that can be important to the drawing such as the little wrinkles around the eye, stay close to just one tone, also remember to just focus on the eye.


Keep on making details on the eyes, but this time go a little bit with a higher contrast, go with dark colors to make highlights.


finish the eyes by creating the light highlights, what this will do is create a higher contrast on the drawing and drive attention towards where the detail is. that's it, you are done with the eyes, keep going!


lets focus now on the mouth, you already have the basic tones down, so lets focus on creating little details with small brushes with light highlights and dark contrast. create different shining spots in the lips, gums and teeth!


for the tongue work it as if it was the face, make it a skin, the same process goes here, put down the basic tones and smooth them out!


finish the mouth by creating a hard contrast of black around the tongue, this will make the you go "woah, the contrast makes everything look more realistic and 3D!"


the nose is going to be the easiest thing you will do in the whole drawing, since you have all the tones down and its already soft, all you need to do now is put some black on those little holes of Vic!


in this pic im just showing the difference you made by putting those little holes in black.


Lets finish this up by creating the hair, put down a basic tone and everything else will go over this. note, follow the same steps for the eyebrows, but dont worry too much on those!


with a medium brush, start creating the hair, use a darker color for this, dont worry about details yet!


with a smaller brush now, put down some highlights. basically recreate the step above with a lighter color


now with the same small brush, focus on a darker color and keep on making hair strokes, you are almost done!


now draw where the light hits the hair, use a tone that is a bit lighter than the rest of the hair and this will end up creating a nice contrast.


final step of the tutorial, take a look at your drawing and see if there is anything you would like to be better, if you find anything, add it! work on it a bit more, every minute you spend on this drawing, it will be better, remember, be happy with    

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September 2, 2013

Description: With this tutorial you will learn how to properly draw Vic from Pierce the Veil in high detail and this will help you with detailing your own images! remember, have patience and have fun! :)

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