How to Draw an Easy Person For Kids


First, all you do is draw a circle. Then you draw the neck line, and a straight line right under the neck line, then draw a straight line on the end of the line.


Now draw the hair. You do it in anyway you want, this is only a example.


Okay, this is the time to start adding details. Draw two curved lines in the middle of the body, this will count as the shirt. Then draw two lines right under the shirt, and then draw a line in the middle. This counts as the pants. I put the hands to   


Okay, the eyes are really easy. Draw a square, then draw a half-circle in the corner of the eye, and ta-da! You get a easy-made eye! Oh, and don't forget that smile!


All you need to do now is draw a little design on her shirt! Now you are done! Peace out and see you later!

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October 14, 2013

Description: This is a super easy, fun way to make a person! This was made on paint, which explains the bad quality, but you can do this too in real life, just follow the instructions! Since this is easy, we don't need any guidelines. Peace out and see you later!

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