How to Draw Miku

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You will start this sketch by drawing out some guidelines and one shape that will form the frame work of a female figure. The one shape is for the head, and the lining is for the hair, arms, torso, hips, and legs.


You can now start sketching out the shape of Miku's face, and then begin drawing out her beautiful locks starting with the bangs. Once that is done, add some lining on her cheeks.


You will draw more of her face out which includes the eyes, nose, and mouth, and then draw the large shapes for her extremely long ponytails. When that is done, you can draw the neck, and shoulders like you see here.


You will now start sketching out her shirt, shirt tie, and then the rest of her shoulders and arms. After that, all you have to do is draw or add some definition and detailing to her waist and clothes.


Draw the ear that is located on the right side, and then draw in some marks on her shirt and shoulder. Add some finger tips on both hands, and then sketch out the short skirt that Miku is wearing. As you can see the skirt is ruffled. Lastly, draw out   


This is your last drawing step. You will begin this step by add some pleated lines to her skirt, and then draw out the rest of her legs, and feet. Add the design on her cuff sleeve, and then erase the lines and one shape you drew in step one.


Look how amazing your drawing of Miku came out to look. I hope you had a fun time with this lesson, and I also hope you join me again for another fun filled tutorial.

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June 19, 2010

Description: I'm not really sure about the 411 on this next character drawing lesson that I am about to submit. The only reason why I'm submitting this tutorial, is because it was requested by a few members. I tried reading up on the character and this is what I understand so far. First off, Miku is from an application called “Vocaloid”, which is a software product developed by Yamaha. This program lets users synthesize singing, just by typing in some lyrics, and music. To my understanding, Miku or Hatsune Miku, is a vocal character for the Vocaloid 2 series. The voice actress that provides lyrics for Miku's character, is a popular Japanese actress named Saki Fujita. I guess the songs that are created or generated, can be used, or is commonly heard in various anime series. You can also create music for other genres too, your not limited to just anime style music. Miku is also an anime character in a series that was developed a few years ago. I just want to remind you guys that the information I am providing for you now, may be a bit off. I have never heard of this synthesizing program, and I also never heard of Hitsune Miku. All I do know something about, is showing you "how to draw Miku", step by step. Other then that, this subject is up in the air. I guess that does it for this description. I will be back later with more drawing fun, so stay tuned in and keep up the god work as you find something new to draw everyday. Peace people!

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