How to Draw Lucy from Fairy Tail

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Start your drawing of Lucy by sketching out her head, and then the outline of her body shape. Once that is done you can add the facial guidelines and then draw the lining for the legs, and arms.


Here you will start sketching out Lucy's hair style and then start drawing out the beginning shape of her body which is her shoulder. When you sketch out her hair, make sure that the tips are sharpened and fine.


Okay, finish sketching out Lucy's hair style and then add some detailing definition to it as well. Next use the facial guidelines that you drew in step one to draw in her eyes, nose, and mouth. Sketch out her ear, and then draw the beginning parts of   


Sketch out the shape of Lucy's voluptuous breast and upper body torso, Add some detailing to her tight t-shirt and then sketch in some definition to her arms. As you can see the skirt is also drawn in here as well.


All you have to do here is sketch out her ruffled skirt that is extremely short, and then be sure to detail and define it as well. You will then finish sketching out the tight tee and add some fold lines on her hips.


For your last drawing step all you need to draw is the shape and position of her long sexy legs, and feet. Start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to finish off this tutorial.


Here is Lucy and how she should look when you are done. Color her in and you are totally finished with this tutorial on "how to draw Lucy from Fairy Tail, step by step". Join me next time gang for another installment of drawing fun.

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January 16, 2010

Description: Her full name is Lucy Heartfilia, and she is the main character of "Fairy Tail" which is a manga/anime series. As you can see by looking at Dragoart's front page, I already submitted three tutorials on some really cool Fairy Tail characters. Lucy is a sixteen year old girl and she is the individual that the storyline follows. In the beginning of the series she is seen joining the Fairy Tail Guild. She does this after she leaves home when her mother passes away. Lucy actually comes from a very wealthy family, but because she is not close to her father, she leaves in pursuit of her own path and happiness. Now being in the Fairy Tail Guild she is always paired up with Natsu whenever a job needs to be done, and to be honest, she would rather do some easy jobs all on her own instead of pairing up with Natsu. As you can tell by her appearance, she is a very sexual looking female that has extreme confidence in her sexuality. She can be described as being mentally stable, driven, strong willed, and extremely attractive. She has blond hair that is worn with a top-tail, and a provocative mini sailor suit. For her abilities Lucy often practices her “Celestial Spirit magic", which enables her to summon spirits from other worlds with the use of “Gatekeys”. There is a total of twelve Gatekeys and all of them are from the Zodiac. The Gold Keys are Aquarius: The Water Bearer, Taurus: The Golden Bull, Cancer: The Great Crab, Virgo: The Virgin, Sagittarius: The Man-Horse, Leo: The Lion, Scorpio: The Scorpion, Gemini: The Twins, and finally Aries: The Ram. As you can see all these keys are the actual name of every sign, and every animal that is associated with the astrological signs. There is also what you call "Silver Keys" and these keys make the number go from nine to twelve. I definitely think that all you boys, and girls will have blast learning “how to draw Lucy from Fairy Tail, step by step”. I have four more lessons to upload which means there is more exciting stuff that still has to be uploaded. Peace out all you artistic kiddies, and happy drawing!

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