How to Draw Metanoid, Metanoid, Redakai

Artist: Dawn / July 24, 2011

Step 1.

The first thing you will do for this beginning step is make a large circle for the torso of Metanoid like so. Then you can draw in the small pea sized shaped head followed by the guides for the arms and one hand.

Step 2.

The best way to draw out the shape of Metanoid's torso, is to draw out the shoulders, and then draw a tornado like shape for the rest of the upper body. Draw out the head or helmet and notice how it's shaped like a skeleton shaped skull.

Step 3.

Next up, draw out the face starting with triangular shaped eyes, and then draw out the mouth and framing for the face.

Step 4.

Instead of drawing more body parts out for Metanoid, you will need to draw in the suit design first. These lines are almost laid out like a maze. The center of the chest has a big oval shape like you can see here and that is where the sharp lines sho   

Step 5.

Continue to draw out the same Aztec like designs on the lower half of the body which is also considered to be the hips and or waist. Again, take your time so your lines come out straight and even.

Step 6.

Now that the body is all drawn out, you will need to draw in the big, bulky arm. Start at the base of the shoulder, and then draw out the large shield like forearm and then the fist. Make a spear like horn shape that is coming out from the side of th   

Step 7.

To finish the upper body, draw out the other blade or spear like shape and then draw in the arm completely like so. The right arm also has a closed fist just like the left arm. Add some detailing like so before moving to the next step.

Step 8.

the most tedious work in this tutorial is drawing out all those Aztec design lines all over the body of Metanoid. You have to repeat the lining process for the arms as well, and like before take your time. If you want to use a ruler go right ahead.

Step 9.

Begin drawing out the big, bulky right leg like so, and then you have to draw in the joints at the knee which connects the lower part of the leg to the thigh. There is also a bolt, and some layers involved when drawing in this robotic looking limb. D   

Step 10.

The left leg needs to be drawn out as well in this step, but not as big as the right. When you are done with this task you can finish off the drawing by proceeding to step eleven which also happens to be the end of this lesson.

Step 11.

Take your time as you draw in the last of the detailing design lines on both of Metanoid's legs. Be sure to pay attention to the small areas where detail is really key. If there is any visible guides or shapes left behind be sure to get rid of those    

Step 12.

Now that you have finished this long tutorial on how to draw Metanoid, you can have fun coloring him in. I think yo may have enjoyed this lesson because I was actually asked to make more Redakai characters in the past.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I’m sure you guys already know that Cartoon Network is going to be airing a new animated series coming out this fall. The series is called Redakai, and it’s basically a cartoon adaptation of a card game, almost like Bakugan and Yu-Gi-Oh. It’s about a battle between good and evil as the struggle goes on in the search of an energy force called ‘Kairu’. If the hands of evil get hold of this powerful energy source, Kairu can be destructive, and possibly cause a cataclysmic event. Now if good obtain a hold on Kairu, there would be harmony and the universe would forever be guided. The name Redakai is actually a class of Kairu masters. Only individuals that learn how to wield the Kairu force can become Kairu warriors, and once you become a warrior, the only rank to go up next is a Kairu master. This lesson is actually going to show you "how to draw Metanoid", step by step. This is the signature monster for Ky, the main character or hero of the card game and cartoon series. Metanoid is a plasma powered monster that is equipped with a seismic fractus. What exactly this weapon is, I haven’t a clue. Anyways Ky’s signature monster is pretty cool and it even looks a little like the main figure from Metroid. This shouldn’t be a hard character to draw, but if you think you might run into some problems, just take your time and follow the steps provided. No matter what, I think you will do great as you learn "how to draw Metanoid". Adios people, I might be back with more drawing fun, or I might just stay a stray.