How to Draw Merle Dixon, Merle from The Walking Dead, Michael Rooker


Draw the oval lightly with a No.2 or HB pencil. Make sure you draw it as seen in the picture.


Now draw in the bisecting red line to balance his facial features.


Sketch lightly the crescent red lines for hair line and head mass.


You can draw in the lines a. for eyebrows, b. for eyes, c. for nose, and d. for mouth placement.


Now draw in Merle's forehead wrinkles, eyes, invisible eyebrows, and bags beneath his eyes.


Observe where Merle's features appear in relation to the guidelines. Draw in his hair and ear. When you sketch his hair, add those straight lines and curves. Try staying close to the lines that represent the direction of his hair. This will help if y   


Note where Merle's features appear in relation to the guidelines. Draw in his nose, and mouth.


Watch closely how Merle's face outline, jawline, and chin, ear relate to the guidelines. As you draw, you will have more accuracy.


Now draw in his neck, collar, neck, and shoulders. If you haven't already, you can erase your guidelines.


I made this line drawing especially for you. If you want you can either color it in or shade it. Next step has different types of pencils you can use.


PENCIL STROKES & TONE, SHADING, TEXTURE -- For your convenience, I have inserted this step with different pencils, strokes to use. And you can study the shapes that make up this drawing universe, along with tone, shading, and texture.


Best thing you can do when drawing hair is to establish the general shape then work in the main strands of hair by holding your pencil at a 45 degree angle for stroking and coverage. Then, as in the third picture, you can work in more details. But he   


Here is the final result of shading for an example. It has been a great pleasure to do this tutorial with you. Please fav, comment, and show your love here. Love, peace, happiness & success! *blowkiss*

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November 20, 2012

Description: This is Merle Dixon (played brilliantly by Michael Rooker). This infamous redneck commando type is Daryl's brother. What a difference. Having abused his brother, isolating him from social interaction, he has now kidnapped Glenn and Maggie, a prize for the Governor. In the 2nd episode of this show, he was left behind cuffed on a storefront's rooftop. To set himself free, he cut off his hand only for Daryl to discover when the group went back to rescue him. Strange thing is Merle seemed to have adapted, always brandishing his handless arm, literally armed to the teeth with a blade and a huge arm cover protection! I think the group has to be more afraid of the living! With this very popular comic book, game, and TV show, you either love it or hate it. And I absolutely love this show. Let me know what you think of this more simplified tut by commenting, faving or clicking on "Love It"! Peace n love to ya!

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