How to Draw Bruno Mars Easy


Let us begin by making a circle for the head, then add the facial guidelines.


Using the guides you just made draw out shape of Bruno's face which is being drawn from a 3/4 view.


Using the facial guides, draw in the eyebrows first, then sketch out the shape of Bruno's nose. You will then draw the eyes, followed by the top lip line.


Finish drawing out his mouth then his teeth. Add some detailing to his cheeks, then draw the bags under the eyes. Next, add some definition to the eyes by adding lid creases. Color in the eyeballs or pupils, then you're done.


This is where it starts to get fun because Bruno will start looking like Bruno once his tight curls and fedora style hat gets drawn in. Draw the tapered lid then draw his wavy locks as well as the ear on the right side. Add detailing, then you are do   


Finish drawing the hat and make sure that the top of the hat is straight lined. Add a bad around the base of the hat, then proceed to step seven.


For the final step you will be drawing the shape of his neck, the lining of his shoulders, then the arms. As you can see you will be drawing these body parts covered by a shirt. Because of this the lining should drawn to relate that. Add detailing an   


Here is how Bruno looks when you are all done. Now you can color him in to really finish him off.

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November 25, 2012

Description: I am so into the new song that is hitting the radio airwaves by Bruno Mars. It's called Locked up in Heaven and it's so awesome. I love the energy that the song has as well as the passion in Bruno's vocal notes. Today I thought I would show you all "how to draw Bruno Mars easy", step by step. I think it's time that I make a lesson on him in an easy manner because I know that he has millions of fan girls and boys out there. Since Bruno looks the same in almost all of his pictures, I used a reference image or him as he was in Just the Way You Are. I really had fun drawing Bruno Mars because he has such a calm and baby like face. So I hope you all enjoy drawing this vocal artist because I know I did. Adios people, I will return so don't fret. Peace!

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