How to Draw Jensen Ackles, Dean Winchester, Supernatural


To allow for more shading steps, I've cut down the guidelines. Let me know if this works for you. With the No. 2 pencil, start lightly drawing the oval, bisecting line, and crescent lines (for head mass). Then lightly draw lines a. for eyebrows, b. f   


Observe where Jensen's features appear in relation to the guidelines. Draw in his eyebrows, eyes, and bags underneath eyes.


Now draw in his nose, the shadow, face profile line with chin, and lips.


When you sketch his hair, add those straight lines and curls. Try staying close to the lines that represent the direction of his hair. This will help as you shade it in.


Now draw in his ear, neck, and collar. If you haven't already, you can erase your guidelines.


I made this line drawing especially for you if you don't want to do the pencil shading and blending part. Otherwise, let us continue to the pencil drawing part.


Here is the outline done with a 9B Graphite pencil. Look closely and see if your lines look something like this. You can erase if certain areas like the eyes or nose don't line up. Take you kneaded eraser and dab off the shadow outlines or dark lines   


I didn't want to skip this. The first picture shows how to hold your pencil for Overhand (great for writing & details) and Underhand (great for shading large areas in wide strokes). You can practice tone shading and take it a step further with the To   


Here is how the tools look. I used the 0.7mm 2B mechanical pencil, 9B pencil, tissue, and the blending stump


Best thing you can do when drawing hair is to establish the general shape then work in the main strands of hair by holding your pencil at a 45 degree angle for stroking and coverage. Then, as in the third picture, you can work in more details. But he   


If you do the whole picture in a pencil sketch, this is where you would sketch in small circles or lines to shade the areas. It would take hours upon hours to cover all that area with a pencil. I chose to shade with pastels. In a few strokes I've got   


I took my blending stump to "draw" in more lines, add more strokes to his hair. His eyebrows, chin, neck and jacket I also smoothed with my blending stump. I used a tissue (which is soft) to smooth out his face around his cheek, jaw, nose and under h   


I darkened in his eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, hair, lips, face shadows, and jacket with my 9B graphite pencil and dark gray pastels. I also added lighter hair strands with a light gray pastel stick. Then I blended with my blending stump to give a smoo   


Basically, you can add more highlights with Titanium White Acrylics to the catch lights in his eyes, reflective light on the tip of his nose, the side of his face, and on his lip's shine. I also added more accurate hair strands in a light gray. TIP:    


Without highlights, your picture would have a flat appearance. Click on this picture to learn how to make your own picture POP out!


Click on this picture to see how Tone, Shading, Texture, and Reflective Light affects Jensen Ackles who brilliantly plays the Dean Winchester! I am closing out now. But you all have been wonderful and it has been a great pleasure to do this tutorial    

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December 22, 2012

Description: Jensen Ackles born March 1, 1978, is popularly known as the character Dean Winchester from the long-running CW TV series, Supernatural. Adding to his talents, he has directed three of the Supernatural episodes. Let me know what you think of this tut by commenting, faving or clicking on "Love It"! Peace n love to ya!

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