How to Draw Mega Houndoom, Pokemon


Let's begin by drawing the shape of the head and neck. The head is pointed downward, for a dramatic pose. The curve of the neck is exaggerated a bit.


Draw a ball for the chest, which is the biggest part of this guy's body by far. behind that, draw an oval shape for the rear section of the body. The center line down the front of the figure will help us place some of the details and even larger shap   


Use large "S" and "7" curves and lines to build the legs. Position the feet far apart for a wide stance. From this angle, we'll leave the fourth leg out of the drawing.


Three angled lines make up each horn. Draw a simple back-and-forth curve for the tail.


Lighten the guide drawing, and begin the final art by drawing the eyebrows and eyes. Use strong lines and angles for a simple, graphic appearance.


Draw a round shape for the nose and mouth area, and then add the angled cheekbones.


Draw the triangle of the nose. Then add some vertical lines for detail. Fill in the eyes. Then outline the top of the head. The two inward curves are where the huge horns attach to the head. It's easier to create a space for them now, and draw only t   


Use long curves for the thick portion of the horns. Then straighten the lines as you move toward the tips.


Again, we're using bold curves to keep our shapes nice and simple. There's a ring going around the base of the neck, but it attaches to bone armor. Leave a space in the curve at the bottom, which will show that it's part of the whole armor shape we'l   


The bone armor features two spikes protruding over each shoulder. Try to keep these curves fluid as they overlap each other. It's bone, so it should have a smooth, organic shape.


Draw the mirrored spikes on the opposite side. Then move down and draw the front chest armor. This is like the upper jaw of an animal, with three large teeth at the bottom. Notice the angle of each tooth as viewed from our position.


This tusk, drawn in perspective and pointing toward us, is built with three overlapping curves. One curve builds the bottom edge. The second curve comes from the point and ends half way toward the body. This is the outer edge of the tusk. The third c   


Use "7" lines to draw the upper leg, and then add the armor bracelets to the lower leg. There's a gap in the front of each bracelet.


Draw three large claws, and add the toes behind them. Then fill in the rest of the leg.


Draw a large curve for the underbelly. Then repeat the previous steps to build the opposite leg.


Completing the second leg... Notice how the toes point in a different direction, and the gap in the bracelets is also pointing in a different direction than on the previous leg.


Draw the second armor tusk. Then move to the back and draw a set of rib armor. These are narrow diamond shapes overlapped, with a center line running down the length of each rib.


Overlapping the curves of the hind leg lets us show the pull of the skin on the leg. The smaller curved areas represent the bony parts of the leg, and have a more angular appearance.


Draw two curves for the sides of the tail. This can be extremely tricky, so feel free to use a simple curve for the tail instead of this multi-curved shape. I had to redraw this maybe 50 times to get it like this, and it's still not perfect! Grrr...


At the base of the tail, there's a row of vertebrae. Each section of bone has a spike sticking up from it. This is a tricky angle because the armor spikes are in the way. If you're working with pencil, feel free to draw through the spike shapes. You    


Erase your guide drawing, and draw the curves of the fur pattern. This is a simple pattern that outlines some light fur areas on the head, chest and underbelly.


Now go over the drawing and feel free to add extra patches of hair and other details, such as grooves in the horns and scratches on the bone armor.


And with those finishing touches added, we have a complete Mega Houndoom. I'm used to drawing the more cartoony, fantasy-like Pokemon. This dog-based Pokemon was something a little different, but it was a fun challenge. I hope you guys enjoyed follow   

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May 13, 2014

Description: Back with another Pokemon tutorial. This time it's Mega Houndoom. Pretty intimidating creature. Let's draw him!

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