How to Draw Kyogre


You will begin by drawing a large tear drop like shape with a horizontal line half way through the center.


Begin defining the shape for Kyogre's body or head form like so. Add a small fin on the lower side of the body.


Here you will draw in the wing like pectoral fin which tappers out at the ends.


Draw in four blocky fingers like so, then proceed to step five.


Up next, draw the markings on the fin which are sort of tribal.


Add the opening for the whale's mouth and be sure to add the bump for the eye.


Draw in the eye and add some spots on the body.


Draw in the rest of the body along with small limp looking legs/fins.


Add another limb like so, then move to step ten which is your last step.


Now just add the detailing to the fins. Erase your mistakes and you are done.


Here is the finished drawing now that you are done. Now you can color in the Kyogre.

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May 15, 2014

Description: Okay guys, I know a lot of you have been waiting for this lesson on how to draw Kyogre, step by step. I was going to upload it yesterday, but I got side tracked. This is probably one of the nicer looking Pokemon species and for those of you who don't know Kyogre is a water-type Legendary Pokemon that is not known to evolve into or from another. In Pokémon Sapphire and Emerald, this species is hunted or sought after by Team Aqua in hopes to create more ocean species of Pokemon. I don't know much about this species but I do know that Kyogre has the ability to alter the oceans. Anyways, if you are one of the many who has waited for this tut on drawing Kyogre then here it is and have fun.

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