How to Draw a Bulbasaur Dragon, Bulbasaur From Pokemon

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Make a dough like shape for the mid section of the head then draw in the outlined shape for the muzzle. Add the neck line as well.


Here you will begin sketching out the structure of the forehead, then move down to creating the snout. Make the top mandible line sharp.


Next, draw in three spear shaped bone plates, and add one to the chin. Draw the defined brow like so, then draw out the shapes of the eye. Sketch in detailing to the brow, nose and head. Don't forget to draw the small spike coming from the center of    


Okay guys, you will finish the dragon Bulbasaur's head by drawing the small skin covered horns. Draw the slithering shape of the neck, then proceed to the last step.


Continue to draw small spikes down the neck and back like so. When that is done add the detailing to the scaly skin. Draw patch scales on the forehead and snout like so, then add the marking line that separates the front of the neck with the sides a   


Here is what your dragon Bulbasaur looks like when you are finished. Color him in and you're done.

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September 30, 2012

Description: Hey everyone, I'm back once again and with my return I bring a tutorial on another Pokemon dragon that will definitely make some Pokemon/dragon fans very happy. I decided to follow an idea and make a lesson on "how to draw a Bulbasaur dragon", step by step. I really had so much fun with this creation because I knew that Bulbasuar's personality always reminded me a of being aloof but hard at the same time. I incorporated his toad like look with the over hanging brow that lays low to his eyes. The small shape of the head also makes this dragon Pokemon look even more intimidating with a laid back expression. The colors and boldness that dragon Bulbasaur has is awesome. The small spikes that are on his face, head, and neck make his design very dragon like. Well that is all I want to say. I'd much rather have you guys work on getting the drawing done, and me busy with preparing another tutorial. Peace out and let me know what you all think by leaving a comment, rating or both.

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