How to Draw Mary From Hocus Pocus

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Make two shapes, one for the head and another for the body. You will also sketch in the facial guidelines.


We will define the shape of Mary's face like so, then draw in her curly updo. She has some strands of hair that falls down the sides of her face and the top of her hair forms an ice cream style swirl.


We will utilize the facial guidelines and draw in the shapes of her eyes which are very angled. Add the small heart shaped lips and then draw the eyebrows.


Okay guys, here you will draw the full sized chest and then draw the arms and hands which are resting on her hips.


And lastly, finish drawing the dress and make sure to give Mary a full figure. Add the detailing or designing to her dress or gown and then you are ready to erase the mistakes and guides.


Here's the line art. Have fun coloring in Mary Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.

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October 1, 2015

Description: Finally, the last sister in tutorial form. Up next, we are going to really have some fun as we begin to tackle this tut on drawing Mary from Hocus Pocus. One of the reason's why I love Mary is because she is one crazy and sometime dim whited witch. When I say dim whited, I mean that she acts so much like a dog due to her witch talent (child sniffer), sometimes it's hard to tell if she is a witch or dog. Mary is also know for always being up Winnie's butt. I know Winnie is the dominate sister, but what the heck, enough is enough. Anyways, I think you will have fun drawing Mary. She was a real treat to recreate so I wish you luck. Peace out people and don't go anywhere.

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