Burn the Witch Drawing Lesson


For the first step you will draw the body guidelines as well as the head and facial guides. Notice the hair is in a flowing fiery form.


Define the shape of the witch's face and then add a hairline.


Up next, draw in the hair which is on flames because the witch is being burnt. When that is done you can proceed on to step four.


A simple face is good enough which is just a pair of eyes and a screaming mouth. Be sure the expression is drawn to resemble a woman in pain from being burned alive.


You can now draw the outline of her body. Not in any detail, just a simple drawing of a silhouette style figure. The neck, shoulders, and legs should all be one piece. There should be a gap to separate the legs and there should also be some flames dr   


We will now draw the pole that the witch is tied to and then draw a huge mass of flames which surrounds the witch.


We will turn our attention to drawing the heads and arms of the village people praising the burning of the witch like so.


Lastly, draw in some scattering crows, which is associated with the witch being burned because as you know witches and crows go together. Erase the mistakes and some of the guides and you're done.


This is the line art. Now you can color in your witch and show people what you have drawn.

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May 4, 2016

Description: So this first lesson that you see here was inspired by Radio Head's new song 'Burn the Witch'. I have to say, what they did with their social media posts was brilliant. They deleted all photos, posts, and information just to keep fans wondering what is going on. When the video came out for their new song, I guess everyone went nuts. So today I will be showing you how to draw a witch being burnt and it is inspired from the song and video. Thank you so much for joining me with his lesson, stick around because there is plenty more tuts coming your way.

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