How to Draw Luke Triton

How to Draw Luke Triton
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Make a doll like mannequin like you see here. There should be a head, torso, feet and hand shapes as well as limb lines.


Draw the shape of Luke's face like so, then incorporate the ear and hat lid shapes.


Draw out the eyes and color in the pupils. When that is done you can draw the bang that hangs or falls on his forehead. Next, draw the nose, mouth and eyebrows, then add detailing inside the ears.


Draw in the rest of Luke's hat then draw the rest of his hair which is sort of puffy. Add the button at the top of the hat, then move along to step five.


We will now tackle the task of drawing Luke's body. Let's start with the torso. Draw the collar, shoulders, sleeves and or arms, then the front part of the jacket like so.


Draw in Luke's hands, then draw the satchel as well as the buttons on his jacket, shirt collar and tie. Don't forget the sleeve cuffs.


Almost done folks. Draw the shorts, the legs, and socks.


For the last drawing step all you have to do is draw the shoes, and then the straps that go across the shoe.


Here is Luke when you're all done. Color him in using the color pallet in the colored image. I hope you had fun people.

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January 21, 2013

There is a game for the Nintendo DS and 3DS that is an adventure/puzzle based series called Professor Layton. This tutorial is actually going to be on one of the characters. Here is "<em>how to draw Luke Triton</em>", step by step. This young boy is son to Clark Triton which is Professor Layton's good friend and apprentice. Luke looks very much like your traditional old fashion London school boy. He wears a pale blue colored hat and sweater followed by a pair of dark green shorts with brown suspenders and a brown book bag or satchel. Luke is very good at solving puzzles and has the ability to talk to animals. Drawing Luke Triton will be easy because he is a very classic looking character with simple shapes to make him up. Anyways, there is still two more tutorials coming your way so stay tuned in to see what they are. Peace out people!

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