How to draw Professor Layton and Luke

Artist: nin_mario64 / February 24, 2011

Step 1.

So, to start off with the guideline, draw a large cirle for Luke's head and another shape for Layton's. Draw in the body guideline aswell as in the step's image.

Step 2.

The next step is to get in the shapes of their face as you can see. Draw that in.

Step 3.

Now, easy enough, draw in the eyes. Layton's are just two simple dots. Luke's need two oval shapes for each eye.

Step 4.

Now to go further into the face. Draw in the other facial features by drawing in the nose and mouths on both of them.

Step 5.

Now draw in their hats. Layton's a top aht and Luke's, a flat cap sort of.

Step 6.

Now draw in the ears, and don't forget Luke's eyebrows.

Step 7.

Draw in Luke's hair and finish Layton's hat.

Step 8.

Cool. Now you can make a start on the arms.

Step 9.

Now draw in their collars.

Step 10.

Now you can start on drawing their hands.

Step 11.

Finish off Layton's hand, draw in Luke's other arm and start to draw the paper that Layton's holding.

Step 12.

Finish off Layton's hand and paper, and start to draw in his shirt and what you see in the image.

Step 13.

Draw in Luke's shirt and Layton's jacket.

Step 14.

You can now start to draw in both their trousers.

Step 15.

Finish off Layton's trousers and further details to Luke's.

Step 16.

Draw in Layton's shoes and all in the image.

Step 17.

Start to draw in Luke's shoes and finish off Layton's.

Step 18.

Finish Luke's and Layton's shoes by adding in the finer details.

Step 19.

Done!! Now all you've got to do, is rub out the guideline and neaten up the lines.

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Artist: nin_mario64
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Description: The hosts of a puzzle solving game who are Professor Layton and his sidekick, Luke. I played it while round my friends and solved most of the puzzles. Some took ages, some were easy, some were trick questions and some I never figured out.