How to Draw Link vs Dark Link, Legend of Zelda

Artist: PuzzlePieces / January 16, 2014

Step 1.

We'll start by drawing a base for good Link, arms up, holding up a sword.

Step 2.

Then a base for Dark Link. His arms are doing to be more in, putting his weight on his sword as he fights against Link.

Step 3.

From there we'll draw in the shape of Link's profile, drawing in the chin, jaw and neck while we're at it.

Step 4.

And we'll go over and do the same for Dark Link too.

Step 5.

From there, we will draw in Link's hair and his ear. He does wear earrings, little blue hoops in ear ear so don't forget to draw one in.

Step 6.

And then go over to do the same for Dark Link.

Step 7.

Now we can draw in their faces. Link has an expressing of determination while Dark Link (note he has no pupils) has an evil grin on his lips.

Step 8.

Then draw in the back of their hair sticking out form underneath their long pointed hats.

Step 9.

Now we'll just work on one of them at a time, starting this good Link. We'll draw in the collar of his shirt and his sleeves and the top part of the strap that he wears over his torso.

Step 10.

We'll draw in the back of his tunic and draw in his upper arm, putting another sleeve layer on there for a layer of chain mail.

Step 11.

Now draw in the rest of the strap he wears and draw the bracer that he wears on his forearm.

Step 12.

After that draw in his hands, his other arm, the pommel of the sword and the rest of his tunic, putting in a belt near where his hips would be.

Step 13.

From there we will line in the pouches on the strap around his torso and start drawing in the parts of the hilt of his sword.

Step 14.

Since Dark Link's sword will be crossing with his, we're going to draw in the blade and the other part of the hilt while leaving in a gap for where the other sword will be in the way.

Step 15.

Now that Good Link is done we can go over and finish Dark link, starting by drawing in the collar of his tunic, the strap around his torso and his sleeves, including the chain mail one.

Step 16.

Then his arms and hands will be drawn in, holding them in close together and close to his body.

Step 17.

After that just draw in the last bit of his tunic and a belt.

Step 18.

Bring his sword up from his hands, drawing in the hilt and blade. It should look identical to Link's sword.

Step 19.

And now you've drawn a fight between Good Link and Dark Link. Don't forget to show your results.

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Description: Dark link is a dark reflection of Link and a recurring boss in Ocarina of Time and in the new 3DS Zelda game; A Link Between Worlds. He is one of Link's toughest challenges as he must face his own power, skills and strengths. Here I'm going to show you how to draw a fight scene between Link and his dark counterpart.