How to Draw Link Finn From Adventure Time


You will draw a circle for the head and then draw out the outline for the body.


Using the head guide draw out Finn's thick hair. As you can see he has a full set of bangs.


Draw the shape of Finn's face, then make some hair off to the left side.


Drawing Finn's body as Link is going to be easier then you think. Make the lining to form the torso, then draw the noodle shaped arm and then the hand. Draw the sword and you can proceed to step five.


We will now work on Finn's face. Color in the eye, then draw the sad mouth along with his teeth. Also keep working on the torso, just because Finn is Link, that doesn't stop him from rocking his backpack. Detail the sword too.


This step is pretty simple because all you have to do is draw the cone shaped hat.


Finish drawing Finn's torso, then draw in the right arm, sleeve and then the beginning form of the backpack.


The diamond shape you see here is actually Finn's shield. You will draw that in next.


Add some detailing to the shield, then move to step ten. That's it for step nine.


Again, all you will be doing here is drawing in some detailing to the backpack. When that is done move to step eleven.


Are you ready to almost finish drawing Finn as Link? Good then let's get started. Draw the rest of the body by adding the hips, legs and sock. You will add the length of the shirt as well that hangs just past the thigh. Finn is in a running pose.


Draw the other noodle shaped leg like so, then draw the small sock. You will also need to add the rest of the shirt line as well.


Give Finn some shoes, then detail inside of the shirt.


Finn is all done. Now we can get started with drawing Jake as Navi. Start with a ball or odd circle.


Draw in some fairy wings.


Next, give this fairy some jowls and color in a doggy nose.


Finish fairy Jake off by drawing out the eyes, tongue, and hands. Erase all of the mistakes that you might have made, along with the guidelines.


Here is the drawing when you are all done making Finn and Jake as Link and Navi.

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January 3, 2014

Description: This is a super fun lesson on Finn and Jake in a different form than what you would usually see them doing. Here is "how to draw Link Finn" from Adventure Time with Jake as the glowing fairy. I had so much making this tut because Zelda is, and always will be my favorite video game of all time. I think Finn make an excellent Link and Jake makes an excellent Navi fairy. There is a lot of steps to this tut so I want you to prepare yourself for a long stretch ahead but it will all be worth it.

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