How to Draw Chibi Link From Legend of Zelda

Artist: Dawn / May 8, 2014

Step 1.

First, let's begin by sketching the body shape for the chibi Link.

Step 2.

Draw in the shape of his face to the lower left side.

Step 3.

We will now draw the hair which is puffy looking on top, and long chunks on the sides.

Step 4.

Here you will draw in the thick, bold lining for Link's eyes or upper eye lids.

Step 5.

Next, draw in the eyeballs, then color the pupils the way you see them here. Add the mouth and blush marks on his cheeks.

Step 6.

Next, draw the points of his ears like so.

Step 7.

Now draw the cap to Link's hat which is blowing in the breeze.

Step 8.

Next up, draw the shape of his body, followed by the sleeve cuffs.

Step 9.

Draw in the body in more detail by adding the V shaped opening. Add the belt around the waist, then draw the buckle or emblem on the belt.

Step 10.

You can now finish this creation of Link by drawing the stubby legs and boots. Add detailing to his clothing, then erase whatever mistakes you made as well as the guides.

Step 11.

Okay guys, color Link in and show people what you have just created. Good job!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: May 8, 2014
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Description: Hey guys, this is the tutorial I've made for my full art lesson video that I've recently submitted to YouTube. In this cool tutorial, I will be showing you 'how to draw a chibi Link, step by step'.