How to Draw Lettuce Midorikawa, Tokyo Mew Mew

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Let's begin by making a simple circle shape, then sketch in the facial guidelines like so.


You will now begin sketching out the lower portion of her face which is the left cheek, jawline, and pointed chin. When that is done you can draw in the arches of her eyelids. Make sure the lids are thick and bold, then add some think lashes. Make th   


Continue to draw out the eyes by making the actual shapes of them. Draw the bottom lid under each eye like so, then color in the pupils as well as darken the top portion inside of the eyeball itself. Next, draw a small nose, an excited mouth, then fi   


You are already almost done. All you have to do now is draw out the entire outlined shape of her big puffy short hairstyle. Be sure to include the arched bang chunks that fall on the sides of her face as well as some spiked bangs in the center of her   


Lastly, draw the shape of her neck, followed by the shoulders and puffy style choker that she is wearing. Don't forget to draw in the pendent as well. Erase any mistakes as well as the shapes and guidelines you made.


Here is Lettuce when you are all done. Now you can grab your coloring tools to add some color to this very cute Tokyo Mew Mew figure.

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April 6, 2012

Description: Ever since I uploaded the lesson on Ichigo from Tokyo Mew Mew, I have been getting requests to make more of the Mew Mew girls. I will start with showing yo "how to draw Lettuce Midorikawa", step by step. She is the third Mew Mew that was introduced in the series which makes her the third oldest member as far as how long she has been in the manga and anime goes. In the beginning, Lettuce is seen as a shy person that has a self confidence issue. To others though, she is seen as a person that you can trust as well as lean to when in need. Lettuce is infused with the DNA of a finless porpoise which is native to Japan, but also travels through the fresh waters in China's Yangtze River. While in her Mew Mew state, lettuce's legs transform into that tail of a porpoise, but only when she is under water. This helps her with swimming as well as the ability to stay underwater for long periods. When Lettuce first started using her powers, she was an absolute mess. Because she didn't know how to use them, she became afraid of her powers, which made her not want to deal with them at all because she had no control over them. It was Ichigo and Mint that helped her develop her Mew Mew powers which enabled her to use them the way she was supposed to. Even though she starts off in the series as a shy, soft spoken girl, as her character develops, Lettuce becomes more confident, and able to deal with others. I enjoyed drawing Lettuce because she has this sweet, simple look to her face. I think you will also enjoy this tutorial on yet another Tokyo Mew Mew character. If there is other girls from the series that you would like so see turned into a lesson, just let me know. Peace out people!

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