How to Draw Lammy

Artist: Dawn / December 6, 2010

Step 1.

Alright, we must first establish a base foundation for the Lammy character. Start off by taking a compass (to create perfect circles) and draw two circles. It's best to get the guidelines as accurate as possible since it is your foundation plane.

Step 2.

Next, we simply draw the outline since it's required in order to draw the inner details properly. Take your time as drawing around the guidelines is pretty important.

Step 3.

Then, draw a large circular shape for the inner skeleton head. This should be a few inches away from the outer lining of the body. Don't forget to draw the legs as they are important to complete the Skelanimal, Lammy! The bones of these skeletons are   

Step 4.

Lastly, add finishing details that will complete the Skelanimal. The heart is ALWAYS required when you're drawing in this particular style. Try and make the eye as circular as possible. The feet should almost resemble actual sheep hooves.

Step 5.

Erase your guidelines and tweak your lines and get ready for dark shading! I would recommend to use 8B sketch pencils to shade this in. A better method would be to use 'Prismacolor Black PC935' to create smooth and dark lines. Anyways, I hope you've    

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 6, 2010
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Description: Hey guys! I'm freezing tonight and thought maybe I'd submit another lesson to warm myself up. This character will definitely give me the warm I need due to her warm fuzzy wool. You'll be learning “how to draw Lammy, step by step! Like most Skelanimals, Lammy has a very curvy bone structure which is actually pretty interesting. I had fun drawing the character as these characters are pretty epic. The official website is selling her as a plushie in stores like Toys-R-Us and on their online website. The coloring was fairly easy, but the background was taken from the actual website. By practicing drawing Skelanimals, you'll be able to create your own by training and always on the practicing mode. I have a tutorial in the Skelanimal tag where you can find to create your very own. It was my first attempt to make my own type which sorta failed. If you ever have the time to type in Google 'Kyuubi Skelanimal', all you Narutards will freak over it! It's a Kyuubi in this style which is totally epic. The artist who created it did a great job to make it the believable style. My advice to you is to always practice and looking for ways to improve. Anyways, I have to leave tonight and move onwards to my new lessons shortly. I hope this tutorial has fulfilled all your fan needs of this famous toy style. Thanks so much for viewing, and good luck “drawing Lammy”!