How to Draw Maxx

Artist: Dawn / December 7, 2010

Step 1.

Start off by drawing a large circle in the shape of an egg, and then draw out the shape of the body like so. Before leaving this step, all you have to do next is draw the guidelines for the face and body.

Step 2.

Draw out the actual shape of Maxx's head shape which should also include the ears and make sure they hang short like so. Next sketch out the shape of the body in better form, and then draw in the spiked collar he is wearing around his neck.

Step 3.

It's now time to draw in the skeleton style face which should include both the framing for the eyes, and then draw out the skeletal snout. You will then lastly draw the arms.

Step 4.

Finish drawing Maxx by adding the eyes, nose, and jaw. When that is all set you can add the heart and finish drawing out the legs and paws and toes. Erase the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 5.

This is how Maxx looks when he is all done being drawn. Now you can color him in using just a black and red crayon, marker, paint, or even colored pencil.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 7, 2010
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Description: Hey everyone I'm back today with something that a lot of people have been waiting for. I will be submitting another Skelanimal lesson, and this time it's going to be on another pooch that is probably one of the more popular Skelanimals out of the bunch. He is a bulldog that has a lot of character and charm. You will be taught “how to draw Maxx”, step by step and when you find out how this amazing doggie became a dead dog, you will feel sadness for the old fella. Anyways like all bulldogs Maxx also has that rough exterior that people mistake for being a meanie. The fact is, Maxx is a lovable bulldog that has no interest as playing the “tough dog” role. Instead he would much rather hang out and protect his friends, and have fun. Even though Maxx is all these things, there is still the story on how he became a Skelanimal. According the official website “Maxx had a bite that would never let go. So proud of his smile and sharp teeth he'd show. The power of its vise like grip, he proved it to a crowd on a mid summer's trip. He jumped and bit a branch of an old oak tree, and stayed there hanging for all to see. More gathered to see how long he would stay, he remains there biting to this very day”. Well that's the scoop on Maxx the bulldog. Now you can have fun with this tutorial as you learn "how to draw Maxx" with ease. I love making these Skelanimal lessons because they are so fun to do. I hope you join me again for more drawing fun because as you know creativity keeps that mind active.